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Co-Responder Consulting

       The idea here is to make the world a better place.

This is how we think we can do that: 

Our mission is to assist Community Mental Health Centers and Law Enforcement Agencies in the development or expansion of successful and smooth-launching law enforcement co-responder programs; and, to improve world-wide understanding of the true role of law enforcement in societal response to mental health issues.  If there is an opportunity to help community crisis services maintain clinical excellence in a world that is increasingly focused on data and direct service expectations, we'll take that, too.

Our primary consultant is Charlie Davis, M.A.,  a 27 year emergency psych veteran and former supervisor and manager of Boulder County's Project EDGE, a nationally recognized model for co-response. Charlie has supported other Colorado counties and communities in the development of such programs, including speaking to community leadership about the advantages of co-response.  He has presented to international conferences on the topic, and through grants has worked on co-responder program development with the Department of Justice and SAMHSA (Substance and Mental Health Services Administration).






Charlie Davis Bio

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