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We can help your organization with a smooth program launch that plans for the future.   We offer improved program design, data planning, policy and procedure development, and change management.  We offer innovative solutions around privacy, documentation, hiring, and training, and support after rollout.  

Public Speaking

We can help you discuss your program with leadership and funding sources, improving your odds of funding success. We can clearly illustrate the value that a co-responder program has to both the bottom line and the quality of life in your community. Audiences will leave with a better understanding of emergency mental health systems and their challenges.


We offer training in clinical excellence for crisis staff, which results in reduced emergency transports, faster interventions and an improved experience for law enforcement officers and the community.  We provide practical mental health training for law enforcement staff, resulting in fewer incarcerations (and therefore dollars saved), and a better relationship between law enforcement and the community.  We offer trainings to improve clinical documentation (and therefore reduce liability), de-escalation outcomes, and to minimize secondary trauma.  Other trainings can be offered to meet unique needs.

Why Co-Responder Consulting?  What's in It For You?

Goals and Expected Outcomes

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